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Narinrit Prem

(A.Fon Cyber)

  • Cybersecurity consultant with more than 20 years of experience

  • ethical hacking, security architecture review, process & policy development, security awareness, CSO, law & legislation, national strategy development

  • Blockchain Enthusiast

  • Certified Cryptocurrency Expert

  • Business executive and consultant

  • Speaker and trainer in seminars, news, TV, radio and social medias


About A.Fon Narinrit

Mr. Narinrit (aka A.Fon) is a cybersecurity expert with more than 20 years of experience. He has extensive and full-range of experience from system security analysis, penetration testing, process & policy development and IT-related legislation development. He is a well-known speaker in this topic in both national and international arena. He had shared knowledge to the industry through number of seminars and TV programs & NEWS.

After he educated from the faculty of computer engineering of Assumption University, he started his career as oil & gas production automation engineer of an American company operating in the middle of the Thai gulf. Then he joined one of the world largest and legendary IT company, IBM, and that was where he started his cybersecurity consulting career. He had a chance to exchange knowledge and experience with ethical hacker from all over the world once he was sent to IBM campus in NY-USA. After that he came back and provided ethical hacking service for IBM Thailand’s client as the 1st ethical hacker of IBM Thailand.


Afterward, he had a chance to join Thailand largest energy corporation, PTT Group. That was when he got his title as “CSO” or Chief Security Officer and was the first officially appointed CSO in PTT Group in the whole group’s history. In 2010, he was awarded with “ASEAN CSO Award” by IDG together with Vietnam Government. And in the same year, he was awarded with “ISLA Award” or Information Security Leadership Award by world-renowned information security association, (ISC)2.


Narinrit specializes in cyber investigation and digital evidence analysis, so he was appointed as an advisor for technology-related trial for The Department of Special Investigation or DSI. He was also appointed as the first group of cybersecurity advisors to The Defence Information and Space Technology Department, Ministry of Defence. He has been contributing as committee and subcommittee for number of organizations. He also received number of royal honorary symbols for himself and his family’s honor.


Now a day, Narinrit keens in cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology as they are emerging and disruptive. Especially, they utilize the security mechanisms that he is so familiar with but this time they are used to create innovative financial technology which will evolve financial industry and economy. He provided consultancy to number of interesting ICO projects and also have his own project to launch one-of-its-kind charitable ICO to support the Buddism and to promote good deeds. He also does speculative trading and some form of mining activity. Thus, he has different perspectives and visions about cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.


He has deep passion to transfer this wisdom to Thai people so they can apply it to their family economy, business economy and national economy. So he founded “Block Insight by A.Fon” to spread out the proper knowledge about cryptocurrency, ICO and Blockchain technology to Thai people.

Recently, he is a member of "Future Think Tank" of Royal Thai Armed Forced to provide futuristic analysis and provide advice for national strategy to accommodate the forthcoming events effectively.

  • Founder of Block Insight by A.Fon

  • Founder of Trillion Square Co., Ltd.

  • CEO and Founder of Global Muay Thai Family

  • Founder and Director at Energy-Healing Science Institute [ESI]

  • Founder and CEO at Kompassion Health Company Limited

  • Independent Cybersecurity Consultant

  • Graduated computer engineering from Assumption University (ABAC), 1997.

  • Worked as SCADA system engineer with UCOM Network PLC.

  • Started career in cybersecurity since 1999 with IBM Thailand

  • A well-known cybersecurity speaker and expert in Thailand and Asia-Pacific region.

  • Former CSO at PTT ICT Solutions Co., Ltd., a PTT Group company.

  • Former CEO at S-Generation Co., Ltd. and S-Forensics International Co., Ltd.

  • Cybersecurity advisor to the Department of Information and Space Technology, Ministry of Defence

  • Special case advisor to the Department of Special Investigation (DSI).

  • Committee of Thailand Information Security Association (TISA)

  • Security Sub-commission of Electronic Transaction Commission

  • ISO27001/27002 adoption committee

  • Consultant for Royal Thai Navy

  • Consultant for Agricultural Research Development Agency (Public Organization), ARDA

Awards & Achievements

  • CSO ASEAN Award 2010, IDC/IDG

  • Information Security Leadership Achievement (ISLA) by (ISC)2, 2010


  • Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)

  • Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP)

  • GIAC Certified Forensics Analyst (GCFA)

  • Information Security Management System Provisional Auditor (IRCA:ISMS)

  • Certified Cryptocurrency Expert



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